About us


Kataria Plastics Private Limited (KPPL) was established in the year 2007 under the renowned Kataria Group of Companies. We started out with manufacturing HDPE and UPVC Pipes initially and gradually expanded our operations and diversified our product line in accordance with market demands and conditions. After the production and distribution of qualified HDPE and UPVC Pipes gained acceptance and popularity in the market, our decision of capturing a larger market share by providing quality plastic products has proven to be the right one! We now also manufacture drip irrigation systems, irrigation pipes and telecom pipes too as part of our product portfolio.


Kataria Pipes stand for quality and affordability in all prospects. Our dream has been rigid to provide the best plumbing and drainage system across the world. 



We strive to offer the highest standard of quality in the market.



We manufacture products with the highest safety standards.



We operate in the spirit of the best corporate ethics.


Our team works specially to ensure that we receive minimal complaints and defective product distribution. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we strictly adhere to not just national but also international quality norms. For years, we have exported our products and dealt with international authorities and organisations to satisfy and make a name for ourselves and the nation too. Even after having cleared such distinguished quality standards, we aim to improve everyday with increased efficiency in the production and distribution operations. We lay a special emphasis on technological improvements, infrastructural developments, training of personnel, raw material acquisition, allocation and utilization.

We have chosen to equip ourselves with an in-house testing machineries and trained staff members to operate them. The adoption of automated processes ensures that there is no scope for mistakes or inaccuracies. It helps us rely on the production team completely and confidently market the goods. The testing main parameters are size, tensile strength, elongation, breaking of the load, modulus of elasticity and the yield strength. In case of a clients’ specific instructions and requirements, testing parameters vary accordingly. Supervisors take random checks at regular intervals for better reassurance. We are also proud to share with you that we share a Mill Testing Certificate (MIC) with all of our shipments.

Our Clientele

While our entire client portfolio is large and each group is equally important to us, here are some of the most recognized leaders from various industries to have trusted us to be affiliated with them.