India is considered as the land of farmers by many and it gives us the feeling of immense proud to be able to contribute to the golden sector of Indian economy by providing the best agricultural irrigation pipes that we have. The best thing about owning a good set of agricultural pipe is that you ensure a smooth supply of water and thereby a smooth irrigation system to your fields. Let’s quickly understand what agriculture and irrigation are and how useful pipes have become in agriculture and irrigation.

What is Agriculture and Irrigation?

The practice of cultivation of land to manufacture food is known as Agriculture. Many people in India are involved in agriculture which makes India aatma-nirbhar when it comes to feed its people. Irrigation is a major part of agriculture where the person involved in farming activity has to provide water to the standing crops in their fields. For that, they are either dependent on the rain or man-made technologies like borewells, pumps, canals etc.

Use of Pipes in Irrigation System

Different types of pipes have found their application in the irrigation system, for example –

PVC Pipe

A simple kind of an agricultural pipe which is used in pumps as a water delivery tool.  The pipes PVC has offered to agriculture has made irrigation an easier job.

Sprinkler Pipes

HDPE Sprinkler Pipes

HDPE Sprinkler pipes are used to supply water to the crops while ensuring that only the required amount of water is spent on the crops while it mimics the rainfall pattern.

Kataria Drip Irrigation pipes

Drip Irrigation Lines

Drip Irrigation lines have emerged as a great way to prevent the wastage of water while farming. It also saves money and the ensures that the efficacy of fertilizers and nutrients is not wasted.

Frequesntly Asked Questions

What is irrigation?

The process of watering of crops and plants in a field.

What can be done to ensure best irrigation?

Implementation of techniques like sprinkler system and drip irrigation could be done.

What is better – sprinkler or drip irrigation system?

It depends on your conditions.

How can I get a drip irrigation system installed for my fields?

You must get in touch with us for all the important information.