Protecting your smiles


It is hard to imagine a world where there is no way we could communicate with each other. Thanks to the modern day technologies that we are able to communicate with people across the globe. Among the several types of equipment used for communication, the importance of communication pipes is criminally underrated. But understanding how they play a major role in giving you a smooth video call with your boss, friends and families; will help you get a clearer picture about their job.

Use Case

Protecting Electric Wire

The pipes which provide a protective cover to the electric wires used to keep the power alive in a communication system.

Protecting Fiber Cable

The optical fiber network which is famous for giving the users a high speed internet experience require protection from several environmental issues and that is where the protective pipes come in..

What PLB Duct Pipe Does?

PLB stands for Permanently Lubricated and these pipes are used majorly in the installation of optical fiber. Underground optical fiber lines need protection from different environmental factors so that there is no disruption when the line becomes operational. To provide the protection to optical fiber lines against environmental stress and to make them resistant to crush, impact and temperature down there, PLB Duct Pipes are used!

If you need a high quality PLB Duct Pipe for the protection of that new optical fiber line in your area, then we have the right stuff for you. Our pipes are made with premium material, highly durable and very efficient at their job. Call us to know more about the products we have, we will be happy to hear from you!

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