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The most important aspect of the infrastructure of a home, office or city is how smartly its drainage and sewerage system is designed so that none of the previously mentioned settlements have to go through the trouble of having water clogged in them. To prevent that, it is important to use the best in class drainage and sewerage system which has equally competent pipes to complement them. Let’s quickly understand how drainage and sewerage system work so that we can know what kind of pipes would suit them the best.

The SWR pipes are used to deal with the soil, waste and rain water. They are employed in houses, offices and factories.

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HDPE Sewage Pipes

The application of HDPE sewage pipes in sewer pipe has proven really helpful in maintaining a robust sewage system because they are highly durable and can withstand the environmental damages.


These pipes are used to deal with the storm water which is efficiently drained by them to someplace safe.

Apart from these, the implementation of underground drainage pipe is helpful in maintaining a proper drainage system. The need of a proper drainage and sewage system is criminally underestimated and that is why we are here with our diverse range of pipes which will help big time in the installation of a highly efficient drainage and sewage system. To know more, you can call us anytime.

Drainage and sewerage pipes

Frequesntly Asked Questions

A sewerage pipe is a pipe which carries waste water from our homes and industries. Previously, cement pipes were used in sewerage systems but now DWC pipes are used as they are cheap and strong and can handle environmental pressure. Kataria is one of the best DWC pipe manufacturers in India.

There are two types of pipes which are considered the best for sewage, these are :

  • Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe, that is, PVC Pipe, and
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene pipe
  • DWC pipes (corrugated Pipes)

Before the introduction of DWC pipes, plastics & cement pipes were used in drainage systems. But, nowadays DWC pipes are used in drainage systems as they are flexible and easy to maintain.

The four types of drainage pipes are :

  • Concrete Drainage Pipes,
  • Asbestos Cement Drainage Pipes,
  • Iron Drainage Pipes, and
  • Clay Drainage Pipes
  • Corrugated pipes
  • HDPE pipes

PVC sewer pipe is the best drainage pipe which is used to drain the waste from our homes and some offices, and it is a good option to go for instead of clay drainage pipes. However, when it comes to the drainage system of a city, DWC sewer pipes are used.