Developing the nation


One thing that requires utmost sincerity and dedication while building something from scratch is its infrastructure. Infrastructure is all about how that certain building, home or industrial establishment is going to look and how well is it going to operate under certain conditions. There are many factors which determine the brilliancy of infrastructure of an establishment, some of them are as follows –

You can find many experts who can get the first three factors correct, but when it comes to water supply and drainage system – Kataria Pipes is the only option which fits the bill for the best pipeline services in India.

The reason being the diverse range of pipes that we have to offer for various settlements. We can help you build a city’s drainage system, sewer system, gas distribution system and everything that concerns pipes. Let’s take a quick look at what we have in store for you!

Drainage and sewerage pipes
HDPE pipe manufacturer

The HDPE Pipes are famous for their diverse nature and they are mainly used for maintaining a stable water supply.


Pipes used in domestic settlements like houses and housing societies to ensure a effective sewage system of rainwater or waste water.


DWC Pipes find their application in the citywide underground sewage system.

HDPE Coils make for an excellent tool in the infrastructure of a city as they are a perfect replacement for aging concrete and steel pipes which were used to supply water in the city.