Blue Casing Pipes


Blue Casing Pipes

The blue casing pipes are used while installing submersible pumps and borewells. These pipes are colored blue which makes them easily distinguishable from the others and therefore someone who does has never seen these pipes could buy them. The material used in making these pipes is uPVC which stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. The pipes are built with great care because they have to withstand the tough underground conditions. Therefore, the manufacturers have to put in a lot of work while manufacturing these pipes so that none of them gives in to the hard environment.

Benefits of Blue Casing Pipes


These pipes are non-toxic because they do not cause any harm to the earth as they are unplasticized which makes them eco-friendly.

Value for money

They provide great quality in return for the money invested.

Easy to install

These pipes are easy to install because of the slots they have which help them assist the machinery used in boring pretty well.

Easy to transport

These pipes might be big, but they do not offer any trouble while transferring them from one place to another.


These pipes are highly durable and offers resistance against different environmental reactions.

Why choose us?

Kataria Pipes makes sure that the blue casing pipes being provided to you have all the above stated benefits. We follow all the guidelines mentioned by the authorities so that our pipes do not lack in anything. The quality, design and material used by us in making the blue casing pipes is exemplary and sets us apart from our competitors. We believe in providing only the best to our customers and we try everything in our power to do so. If you still have any questions about blue casing pipes, you can refer to the FAQs.

Kataria Blue Casing Pipe Range

Frequesntly Asked Questions

Blue casing pipes are the best pipes for well casing as they come in different sizes and are strong enough to hold the soil to enter the well.

The use of a casing pipe in a borewell is to take out the clean and clear water. They also provide support to the walls of an oil and gas borewell. This pipe is made up of PVC and comes in different sizes.

PVC pipes are considered to be the best choice for casing pipes of a borewe

There are some instances where blue casing pipes are used in fields by farmers, but these pipes are meant for heavy-duty, so there is not much you can do with it other than what is recommended.

Casing pipe is a pipe which is inserted inside a borewell to bring out clean and clear water.

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