The rising demand of efficient and economic high-density polyethylene pipes is met with Kataria Pipe’s (Best HDPE pipe manufacturers in India) High-Density Polyethylene Coil Pipes. These pipes are available at a highly economic price. HDPE Coil Pipes are essentially HDPE Pipes but they are arranged in successive flexible coils which are used for sewage systems, industrial systems, agricultural systems and sprinkler systems. Their flexibility makes it easier to apply them at the required places which makes them one of the best alternatives when it comes to picking the right pipe for the above-stated needs.

Some of the most interesting features of HDPE Coil Pipes are – they have a high tensile strength and this ensures the prevention of cracks when the pipe is used for a long time. The pipes do not react with most acids and bases. The resistance of pipes to corrosion, abrasion and different chemicals truly makes it stand out among its competitors. All these features make this category of HDPE Pipe a durable and reliable option. The fact that this pipe is also used in gas pipelines reaffirms its durability.

Benefits of HDPE Coil Pipes

Convenient Transportation and Installation

HDPE Coil Pipes do not take a lot of space when they are being transferred from one place to another, also, they are very easy to install.

Reaction with Acids and Bases

They do not react with acids and bases ensuring long life.

Tough and Ductiles

HDPE Coil Pipes are highly ductile and tough.

Resistant to different adversities

HDPE Coil Pipes are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals.

Why choose us?

It is understandable that you will only want the best pipes for your needs and at Kataria Pipes, we ensure that only the best is delivered to your doorstep. We take utmost care while manufacturing HDPE Coil Pipes so that we can provide you all of the above-mentioned benefits. We have managed to gain a great clientele because of the quality present in every single product of ours. We do not compromise with quality because we want people to think of us when they think of quality. Therefore, you must order your next HDPE Coil Pipes from us to get the best experience!

Kataria HDPE Coil Pipe Range


Frequesntly Asked Questions

The major difference lies in the flexible nature of HDPE Coil Pipes. This flexibility is missing in HDPE pipes.

With Kataria Pipes, one of the leading HDPE pipe manufacturers in India, you can be certain that the pipes which will arrive at your doorstep will not have a single defect in them.

Yes, the water coming from an HDPE pipe is absolutely safe to drink.There pipes are used for your city water supply lines from the water reservoir.

Just as the name says, High-Density Polyethylene is used in making HDPE Coils.

These pipes are famous for their durability as they stand strong against abrasion, corrosion, and different types of chemical reactions.

A 40MM HDPE Coil pipe is used for a borewell to bring water from the bore to the surface. Due to its flexibility and length it provides a strong hold.

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