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If you are looking for a heavy-duty pipe which can fulfill the need for proper water supply mains, sewer mains, slurry transfer lines or HPDE Sprinkler pipe based irrigation systems, then High-Density Polyethylene Pipes or HDPE Pipes are going to take care of that for you. 

These pipes are made of high-density polyethylene which makes for robust building material by giving these pipes excellent durability, resistance against some certain natural phenomenon, and impermeability. An HDPE pipe is known for its strong nature and how it can be used in some of the toughest environments. It is highly flexible and ensures great motion of the fluid or gas through it at the same time.

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Benefits of HDPE Pipes

Easy to install

The pipes can be installed easily with appropriate assistance from engineers.


The pipes are famous for being flexible.

Corrosion Resistant

The resistance offered against corrosion by this type of pipes is truly magnificent.

Easy to transport

The pipes are easily transportable because they can be contained within a limited space by adjusting accordingly.


The water or the gases being transferred from one place to another are safe from external influencers because yhis pipe is highly impermeable.

Why choose us?

The sincerity shown by the team of experts in designing even the most basic type of pipe is what makes Kataria Pipe stand apart among its competitors. It is because of the quality we provide in each and every single product we have that people come running towards us whenever they feel the need to buy a pipe. The HDPE pipes manufactured by us are designed to provide maximum effect while not compromising on any standard of quality at all. Therefore, you must order pipes from Kataria Pipes to get the best experience.

Kataria HDPE Pipe Range

We manufacture our pipes as per the IS: 4984.

PE 63 PN 2.5 DN 125 to 450
PE 63 PN 4 DN 63 to 450
PE 63 PN 6 DN 32 to 630
PE 63 PN 8 DN 25 to 630
PE 63 PN 10 DN 20 to 630
PE 63 PN 12.5 DN 20 to 400
PE 63 PN 16 DN 20 to 355

PE 80 PN 2.5 DN 125 to 450
PE 80 PN 4 DN 50 to 450
PE 80 PN 6 DN 40 to 630
PE 80 PN 8 DN 32 to 630
PE 80 PN 10 DN 25 to 630
PE 80 PN 12.5 DN 20 to 450
PE 80 PN 16 DN 20 to 400

PE 100 PN 6 DN 32 to 630
PE 100 PN 8 DN 40 to 630
PE 100 PN 10 DN 125 to 630
PE 100 PN 12.5 DN 25 to 450
PE 100 PN 16 DN 20 to 450

HDPE pipe manufacturer

Frequesntly Asked Questions

HDPE pipes have the following advantages :

  • They keep the drinking water safe,
  • They do not corrode easily,
  • It do not let substances stick inside its walls,
  • They can work for a long time,
  • And they are easy to transport

PE stands for Polyethylene and PN stands for Nominal Pressure.

The density of polyethylene used in making HDPE pipes makes it durable.

It is not advised to do so because that will make things complicated for you. HDPE pipelines are not meant for domestic establishments.

The HDPE pipe is used in the following cases :

  • Agricultural water works,
  • Drinking water supply lines from reservoir to storage,
  • Submarines,
  • Compressed Air Systems,
  • And disposal of waste water.

If the pipe belongs to a government plan, then the workers of the municipal corporation come to fix it.

Yes, HDPE is stronger than PVC. It was found out in an experiment that the failure rate of PVC is much higher than that of HDPE.

You can always book an order online for HDPE pipes on the official website of Kataria Pipes!

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