Lateral Pipes



The inclusion of a high-quality pipeline in a home, office, industry, or city should be prioritized as it is responsible for the smooth flow of water across all corners of that very settlement. With the introduction of HDPE pipes and its different types, the installation of an extremely efficient pipeline has been made possible. One such type that comes handy in a domestic settlement is HDPE lateral pipe and the other that comes useful in agriculture for irrigation is the drip lateral pipe.
An HDPE lateral pipe enables the proper drainage of water from the house to the sewage system. There are, of course, other uses of this pipe as per the requirement.

The drip lateral pipe is used in fields for the provision of drip irrigation to all the plants and crops present there.

Benefits of HDPE Lateral Pipes

Why choose us?

Well for one, we have an amazing range of HDPE lateral pipes, drip lateral pipes and other variety of pipes which comes handy in day to day use in any establishment. Our pipes are made with utmost sincerity and therefore they are the best in class. Apart from that, we ensure that none of our product is going to give you a chance to complain. If you still have any doubts, you can get in touch with us by giving us a phone call or a WhatsApp message.

Kataria Lateral Pipes

Frequesntly Asked Questions

Where are these pipes used?

In homes, farms and sewages.

Can I use other pipes?

Yes, you can but they might not be as good as these.

Do they waste water?

No, they do not waste water.

Can a normal plumber install these pipes?

Yes, they know their job really well.

What happens if these pipes are not installed at my home?

The water from your home will not be able to pass and it might lead to clogging.

Are these pipes high maintenance?

No, they do not require a lot of maintenance post-installation.