MDPE pipe which is short for Medium Density Polyethylene Pipe is a less denser version of HDPE pipes. MDPE pipes are used in both domestic and industrial establishments which require MDPE fittings for cold mains. Despite being a bit less in every department than HDPE pipes, MDPE makes for an excellent substitute because of its durability, ease to installation and ability to deliver gas at all pressure levels. It should be noted that MDPE is a type of material which is not just used for making pipes, it is also used for making shrink films, sacks, carry bags etc.

Benefits of MDPE Pipes

Resistant to Shocks and Cracks

Any kind of unexpected jerk, shock or crack is dealt by the subsidiary of HDPE pipes with great efficiency

Easy to install

These pipes are easy to install because they are flexible and can connect with multiple pipes simultaneously.

Temperature Efficient

No matter how high or low the temperature around these pipes get, it is certain that these pipes will not give in.


Despite being marked with a higher price, they are economic in the sense that they save a lot of money on the maintenance part.

Upon knowing what is MDPE pipe, you would also want to know about the best MDPE pipe suppliers and that is where we come in.

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Kataria Pipes has been actively manufacturing a great variety of different kinds of pipes which are suitable for both domestic and industrial establishments. Our diversity knows no end and it is because of our team’s endless efforts that we are able to manufacture excellent quality MDPE pipes which adhere to every single criteria set by the government. Your search for the perfect MDPE ends with Kataria Pipes because everything you have been looking for in an MDPE pipe is delivered to you by us! Do not keep yourself waiting and order these pipes now!

Kataria MDPE Pipe Range

We manufacture our pipes as per the IS: 14885. MDPE pipes ara made in two grades PE 80 & PE 100.


Frequesntly Asked Questions

What is the material used in MDPE pipes?

The same material which is used in HDPE pipes but only the concentration is less dense. The difference lies in the density of the polyethylene used in making the respective pipes.

How efficient these pipes are in cold temperature?

It has been found that MDPE pipes do not let the fluids inside them freeze even when the temperatures outside are very low.

What is the MDPE pipe useful for?

It is useful in laying down gas pipelines due to its durability.

Which things should I consider while buying MDPE pipes?

One must look at the quality of material used in making the pipe and whether there is any kind of wear or tear on the pipe.

Where can I get MDPE pipes of best quality?

You can order MDPE pipes online from Kataria Pipes.

How can I order MDPE pipe from you?

You can either order it online from our website or just call us.

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