PVC Pipes



When it comes to different uses of a single pipe, PVC pipe defeats the rest of the pipes by a huge margin. Because of its ability to serve in almost every settlement, PVC pipes are the first choice of many individuals and organizations. PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes are used domestically as well as commercially. They are highly flexible and ductile which gives them an upper hand on their competitors. There are different types of PVC pipes and they are all used for different purposes like gardening, irrigation and cleaning drainage. PVC pipes and fittings of these pipes is quite convenient.

Benefits of PVC Pipes


Despite being soft, the PVC pipe is known for being durable because it can withstand thermal expansion and contraction just fine.

Corrosion Resistance

Since they are made up of PVC, these pipes show a great resistance to corrosion.


The money you invest on a good quality PVC water pipe is going to give you great returns because the pipe is durable and flexible which allows it to last longer.

Easy to install

All you got to do is to fix an attachment to the tap’s outlet and push the PVC pipe upwards and the installation of the PVC pipe for domestic use of watering your plants is done. Also, it is equally convenient to install the pipes in other establishments.

In case you are wondering where you can buy these pipes from, you must know about the PVC pipes we offer and why you should pick us?

Why choose us?

Kataria Pipes has emerged as one of the best pvc pipe manufacturers in India because of the high quality pipes we offer. These pipes are used for different purposes depending on the need of the customer. Apart from that, the pipes we offer are highly affordable and equally effective. They can withstand the tough atmospheric conditions with great efficiency and therefore, we should be the first name that comes to your mind when you think about buying a great quality PVC drain pipe which will amaze you with its versatility. You might be interested to learn more about HDPE Coil Pipes,

Kataria PVC Pipe Range

We manufacture our pipes as per the IS: 4985. 

PVC Pipes

Frequesntly Asked Questions

What material is used in making PVC pipes?

The answer to this lies in the name of the pipe itself. Polyvinyl Chloride is used as a major raw material to make this pipe.t.

Is PVC pipe similar to a pipe made of plastic?

No! They are two different things. It might seem that PVC and Plastic pipes have a lot in common, but PVC pipes are far more better than plastic pipes.

Why do PVC pipes come in different colors?

It is just a creative decision which is taken while keeping in mind the affinity of humans towards different kind of colors.

Why do PVC Pipes cost less?

Cost of a pipe depends on the kind of work that goes into making them, since the work went into making a PVC pipe is not that hectic, the cost of a PVC pipe is not that much.

How much can I stretch a PVC pipe?

As long as you want to until it gives in. The exact length of the stretch can be determined by using a tape but it will be different for different pipes.

Where can I get a PVC pipe from?

Kataria Pipes is offering some of the best PVC pipes in India which you can order online.