Sprinkler Pipes


Qualtiy range of Sprinkler Pipes for your fields

Sprinkler pipes are used in fields, parks and gardens wherein the need to provide uniform quantity of water is quite high. Sprinkler pipes use their construction to the benefit of the field in which they are installed by providing the amount of water required by it all the times.

There are two types of sprinkler pipe fittings – first one is the fixed type and the second one is the rotating type. While the sprinkler pipe set which is fixed at one place does deliver what is expected from it efficiently, it fails to cover more ground. That is where the rotating sprinkler pipe set comes in which boosts the performance of the entire system.

Benefits of Sprinkler Pipes

Best for Gardens, Fields and Parks

They are installed in Gardens, Fields and Parks to hydrate the grass and crops present there without wasting a lot of water.

Easy to install

The sprinkler pipes are not as complicated as you think they are to install.

Saves water

A water crisis is imminent and sprinkler pipes do their best to save water by limiting the amount of water being used on a specific area.


These pipes are highly economic and do not feel too heavy on the pockets. You can see the price of sprinkler pipe 2.5 inch variant on our website for reference.


Most of the sprinkler pipe system are built of metal which when coated with necessary protection promise a long term service to the owners.

Why choose us?

The fact that we have made a name for ourselves in this field says a lot about our reliability. You can be sure that the sprinkler pipe system you will buy from us will shine in its every test. We follow all the necessary guidelines while manufacturing these pipes and we make sure that your safety is not compromised while using the pipes manufactured by us. Our sprinkler system is as efficient as it is durable. We have made sure that the systems produced by us are priced at a reasonable rate so that you do not think twice before buying it.

Kataria HDPE Sprinkler Pipe Range

We manufacture our pipes as per the ISO: 14151.

Sprinkler Pipes

Frequesntly Asked Questions

A major difference lies in the fact that sprinkler systems do not waste a lot of water because of the way they are built.

The sprinkler pipe is used in buildings to fight with fire, and it is used in parks to water the grass and plants.They also find their application in agricultural activities.

You can definitely do that, but you will get tired after a certain time. That is why, you need a sprinkler system which will be installed in your field.

Generally, the size of sprinkler pipes lies between the range of 0.5 inch to 2 inches in diameter.

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