Why Drip Irrigation System In India Is Not A Widespread Phenomenon

Why Drip Irrigation System In India Is Not A Widespread Phenomenon

Farmers in India are suffering a lot and the revolution they started this year testifies this claim. They form a major part of our economy and yet they are going through a lot of problems, but there are some problems which have risen because of some certain reasons. We will discuss one of such problems, that is, not implementing the Drip drip irrigation system – a huge mistake which was committed by a majority of farmers in India. Now, they are not entirely to be blamed here as there are some other factors which are responsible for the failure of the Drip irrigation system in India. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  1. LACK OF EDUCATION – A majority of people who are involved in agriculture do not have the kind of education that they deserve. It is unquestionable that they know a lot about farming, but there is always room for improvement and growth. The introduction of the Drip irrigation system in India took place a long time ago, but many farmers are not aware of how useful this method is for irrigating their fields. The Government of India tried its best to deal with this lack of education by running campaigns across villages, ads on TV, radio and newspaper but they did not prove much effective. Why? Well, that is discussed in the following point.


  1. MISCONCEPTIONSA lot of farmers were under the assumption that drip irrigation systems are expensive and are going to cost them a good part of their savings. Apart from that, many farmers thought that dripping the water directly to the roots of the plants will reduce the fertility of their lands. Lastly, those who considered the system even a little stopped at the thought that the material used to build a Drip irrigation pipe was not made of the quality material and will give in to the harsh environmental conditions in their respective fields. Well, these all were their misconceptions and it was extremely unlikely that any of them was true.


  1. QUESTIONING DURABILITY AND EXPENSIVENESSLike it has been said earlier, a lot of farmers were wrongly under the impression that the drip irrigation system is expensive and therefore, despite knowing that the system is a good system they backed off from making the purchase of a drip irrigation pipe for their fields. Well, it is true that the drip irrigation system is expensive but it is a one time investment which is going to get you great returns in the years which are yet to come. Now, durability of the drip irrigation system was also questioned, but it is hundred percent true that the drip irrigation system is one of the most durable irrigation systems in India.


  1. LACK OF ACCESSThe farmers who were willing to install a drip irrigation system in their fields had troubles in doing so because there was not a single manufacturer or wholesaler near them. This made it difficult for the farmers to get a drip irrigation system installed in their fields. Apparently, lack of access to manufacturers played a huge role in the failure of the drip irrigation system.


So, these were a few reasons which are responsible for the restriction of the drip irrigation system to only a certain part of India. But Kataria Pipes is trying every day to make sure that this highly efficient system reaches every Indian farmer who needs it. So, get in touch with us so that we can help you figure out which pipes will go well with the irrigation system you have chosen for your fields.

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